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Injection Mold Supplier the ISO 9001 TUV



Plastic Injection Mold Making

Cup holder Mold

(Export Mold to Thailand)

Rears handle Mold

Car Interior Storage Case Mold

(4 Large Scale slides making)

Dashboard Mold

(Export Mold–Japan, Hot Runner Mold)

Plastic Spoon Mold

(20 Cavities, Thin Wall Products)

Copier Parts Mold

(Export to Malaysia)

Locking and fitting parts mold

(Slide*4, Angular Pin*4)

Stationery Mold

(M333 Mirror polish Steel, 4 Drops Hot Runner System)

Plastic Molding Products

Widespread Use Of Plastic Injection Mold

3C Products

Home Appliances

Auto Related Parts

Industrial Related Parts

Medical Products

Thin Wall Products

Stationery Parts

New Development & Others